The Darkwinner's "Almost Passing" Guide to Anatomy

The Darkwinner once planned to produce DVDs that teach "medical school level" anatomy. When I was taking med anatomy, I was disappointed with how dry and boring the available Anatomy training materials were. (There were some cool things on the web, but they are scattered and poorly organized.) So I resolved to produce something for students (ie future Anatomy studients), by students (ie, me).

The materials would have taught Anatomy via silly/dirty/memorable mnemonics to make anatomy fun and easy to learn. I came up with some awesome mnemonics, and this is my way to share them with future generations. Since I have a short attention span and am pretty stupid, I figure if I can endure watching my own videos and learn from them, they should work for anybody!

But I was reluctant to put in the (considerable) effort to produce the videos unless I had an "end game" for distribution. Since I had no money, I had to use other/creative resources. My first idea was to get on American Idol Blooper reel for exposure for the Darkwinner. Millions would see me, 1% might google me, and 0.01% would be interested in buying the DVD. If I could get 100 people scattered about the country to buy the DVD, they would each tell 10 friends the next year, and suddenly I have 1000 DVDs sold, probably growing exponentially. (And it'd be a continuous source of income.)

This would help pay during the "lean years" of my medical training. Medical students would benefit from less time spent on dry/boring anatomy. And future patients would benefit because their doctors wouldn't have more time to develop interpersonal skills.

Alas, the American Idol plan didn't pan out.

So I put together a sample mnemonic, and submitted it to Stephen Spielberg's "On the Lot" reality TV competition. Alas, that plan didn't work out either.

Eventually, I submitted it to a local student cable/public access channel to be used as random filler between "real" shows.

Once upon a time, I was going to complete the "Almost Passing Guide to Anatomy." But now I've got other time commitments, so that scheme for fame and fortune probably won't come to fruition.

Still, it is a semi-edutational piece, enjoyable on its own merits. I probably won't complete the project, unless some producer wants to put up the money to fund it.

Anybody else who might want the "Almost Passing" Guide to Anatomy?

Evidently, yes! I knew that other health professionals need to know anatomy (massage/physical therapists, physiologists, etc). But when I was discussing my project with my friends, it turns out that dancers are also interested in anatomy. I guess it helps them to understand how their body moves if they understand the underlying structures. Graphic artists know anatomy because they draw nudes (or bulgingly muscular superheroes!.) Actually, this Guide can be used by anybody who wants to learn anatomy. It's your body, you should learn how it works! (That way when you break your hip or something, you can actually understand the doctor when he shows you your X-rays!)

Is there a sample I can view?

This is the version without my intro at the beginning.

Here it is

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