Star Wars


A New Hope:

There is a war between a corrupt Empire and a Democratic Rebellion. The Empire has a battle station called the Death Star that can destroy entire planets. Princess Leia brings the Death Star Plans to Obi Wan, but is captured. Droids bring Death Star plans to Obi Wan. Obi Wan gets Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to bring the Death Star plans to the rebellion. The company is captured by the Death Star. Obi Wan dies and the princess is rescued during the escape. Luke destroys the Death Star.

The Empire Strikes Back:

The Empire attacks the new rebel base. The rebels escape, but Han and Leia are chased by Vader. Luke is directed by Obi Wan's ghost to be trained by the Jedi Master Yoda. Han escapes Vader by turning to Lando, an old friend. But Han is betrayed and frozen/imprisoned. Luke senses Han is in trouble and goes to help. Luke is too late, and is beaten badly by Vader, whom Luke learns is his father. The heroes resolve to rescue Han.

Return of the Jedi:

The heroes rescue Han. A second Death Star is being built. Han and company seek to destroy the shield protecting it, while Lando leads the attack to destroy the Death Star. Han destroys the shield, Lando destroys the Death Star and Luke converts Vader from evil to good. Vader kills the Emperor. There is a celebration marking the end of the Empire.

The Phantom Menace:

Qui Gon and Obi Wan are sent to mediate a trade dispute. But the Trade Federation attacks the planet, and Qui Gon and Obi Wan rescue Queen Amidala. Their spaceship is injured, so they must make repairs. Having nothing to trade, Qui Gon gambles that Anakin, a boy strong in the Force will win a race. Anakin wins and joins the company on their trip for reinforcements. Because reinforcments would take too long, Amidala and the two Jedi return to rescue the planet alone. They enlist the aid of the native/primitives, who help defeat the Trade Federation. This whole conflict was a ruse generated by Senator Palpatine to obtain power.

Attack of the Clones:

Senator Amidala is almost assasinated. Obi Wan and Anakin are assigned to protect her. A second assasination attempt gives Obi Wan clues to trace, and Anakin and the Amidala are sent to her home planet for protection. Anakin and Amidala fall in love. Obi Wan learns of a conspiracy to produce a clone army. Obi Wan is captured by Count Dooku who wants to separate from the Republic. Anakin and Amidala attempt to rescue Obi Wan but are also captured. The three escape and confront Count Dooku. Count Dooku escapes and a Civil War is begun, another ruse by Senator Palpatine to obtain power.


Original Trilogy (OT):

A New Hope:

R2 and 3PO are aboard a Rebel ship under attack. R2 gets plans for Death Star from Leia. Leia is captured, but R2 and 3PO escape to devlier the plans to Obi -Wan Kenobi. R2 and 3PO are capture by Jawas/junk dealers. They are sold to Luke Skywalker. R2 escapes from Luke to find Obi-Wan. Luke follows R2 and is attacked by Sand people/native savages. Obi-Wan saves Luke and discovers that Lei is in trouble, and the Rebellion needs his help against the Death Star. Obi-Wan asks Luke to join him, but Luke is reluctant until he learns that the Empire killed his family looking for R2 and the Death Star plans. Obi Wan hires Han Solo and Chewbacca to take Obi-Wan, Luke and the droids to the rebellion base on Alderaan.

Meanwhile, Leia is a prisoner on the Death Star interrogated by Darth Vader. They want her to give information about the Rebellion. They destroy her home planet of Alderaan to coerce her into cooperating.

Luke and Company arrive at Alderaan but it has been destroyed by the Death Star. Their ship gets captured by the Death Star, but they hide so the Empire thinks it's empty. Obi Wan sneaks into the Death Star to release their spaceship. Luke and Han are left alone, but discover that Leia is held prisoner. They rescue her. Obi Wan is killed by Darth Vader, but the rest escape.

Vader placed a tracking device on the Millenium Falcon and allowed them to escape. When they arrive at the Rebel base, the Death Star follows to destroy the rebel base. R2's Death Star plans, allow the rebels to discover a weakness, which Luke exploits to destroy the Death Star before the Death Star destroys the base. Darth Vader escapes, and the heroes are honored at a ceremony.

Empire Strikes Back:

Han and Luke are helping set up a new Rebel base on an ice world. Luke is captured by a fierce creature. Han and Chewie discover an Imperial probe droid. When Luke doesn't return, Han goes out to find him.

Luke escapes the creature, but is lost in the snow. Delirious, Luke is told by Obi Wan to find Yoda. Han rescues Luke.

The Empire discovers the Rebel base and attacks. Luke helps the rebels hold off the attacking Empire until the Rebels can escape. Leia is trapped at the base, so Han must rescue her aboard his spaceship. The Empire follows Han.

Luke finds Yoda and receives Jedi training by Yoda. Han tries to escape Vader by going into an asteroid field. Ultimately Han seeks refuge with an old friend, Lando.

Lando had betrayed Han slightly, but discovers that Vader is constantly worsening the deal. Vader wants to use Han as bait for Luke, and tests a freezing/imprisoning process on Han. Lando repents and frees Han and Chewie, but they are too late to save Han.

Luke sees a vision of Han in trouble, and goes to help him despite Yoda's advice. Luke does not help Han, but learns Vader is his father, and is beaten pretty badly. Luke telepathically asks Leia for help, and Leia and Lando rescue Luke. Lando and Chewie resolve to locate Han and Luke and Leia will follow and help rescue him.

Return of the Jedi.

Luke and Compay rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt. The Empire is building a second Death Star, which must be destroyed. Han and Company will destroy the shield, while Lando and the Rebel fleet will destroy the unprotected Death star.

While trying to sneak in and destroy the shield, Han accidentally alerts some guards. To prevent the alarm from spreading, Luke and Leia chase after on speeder bikes. They suceed, but Leia crashes and is found by the native Ewoks. When only Luke returns, the company looks for Leia and is ensnared by an Ewok trap. C3PO is revered as a god, while the others are to be sacrificed in his honor. Leia arrives but can not save them. Luke uses the Force to make 3PO's threat convincing enough to cause the Ewoks to release the company.

Luke realizes he must face Vader, so he leaves the company. Han and company attempt to destroy the shield but are ambushed, because the whole shield vulnerability idea was just a ruse by the Emperor. Lando and the Rebel fleet arrive to destroy the Death Star, but Lando realizes the shield is still up. To give Han more time, the Rebel fleet engages the Empire's fleet in battle.

Luke converts his father, Darth Vader, back to good. Vader kills the Emperor. The Ewoks rescue Han and Company from the Imperial soldiers, who destroy the shield allowing Lando to destroy the Death Star.

There is a celebration marking the end of the Empire.

List of characters

C3P0- fussy butler android. Develops from insecure/coward to brave bard

R2D2- spunky robot. Brave and loyal

Leia Organa (Skywalker)- noble leader. Develops from repressed emotions to accepting personal feelings

Luke Skywalker- young hero. Develops from naive farmboy to experienced Jedi

Obi Wan Kenobi- old guide. Develops from trickster to honest maturity.

Han Solo- experienced hero. Develops from surfacely selfish to actually caring

Chewbacca: Brave, loyal, big fierce, impatient.

Darth Vader: Ominous evil. Develops from lost puppet to saved human being

Yoda: Wise master

Emperor Palpatine- True evil.

Lando Calrissian- suave gambler. Develops from reactor to actor

Minor Characters

Unlce Owen- Luke's uncle/caretaker. Stodgy/conservitive.

Aunt Beru- Luke's aunt/caretaker. Caring/nurturing

Governor Tarkin: Cold evil bureaucrat.

Mon Mothma: Rebel leader, kind but strong

General Nadine: Rebel leader, formal but strong

Boba Fett: Bounty Hunter: Ominous and mostly silent

Jabba the Hutt: Slobby cruel evil gangster.

Wicket the Ewok: Brave young native

Storm Troopers:

Royal Guard

Qui Gon Jin: Experienced respected non-conformist.

Obi Wan Kenobi: Young hero- develops from student to master

Padme Amidala: Young heroine- develops from repressed feelings to

R2D2: Same as always

C3PO: Fussy butler

Jar Jar Binks: Clumsy imbecile. Develops from fool to

Anakin Skywalker: Young ideal kid. Then angsty teen.

Darth Maul: Evil demon

Senator Palpatine: Surface charming, but deeply manipulative/evil

Count Dooku: Surface charming, but deeply manipulative/evil

Minor Characters:

Watoo: Anakin's previous owner. Greedy, but tolerable

Sebulba: Anakin's racing competitor. Mean spirited

Trade Federation: Suck up cowards, evil and greedy

Bobba Fett: Young sulking smart ass

Jango Fett: Older warrior?

Battle Droids: Mindless machines

Clone Troopers: Mindless soliders


Luck versus destiny

Luke vs. Han
Gamble vs. Force
Han and bad light speed
Luke vs. Vader
Anakin and prophecy

Training vs. Talent

Luke Yoda and Vader
Anakin and the Trade Federation
Han- a natural leader?

Instinct vs. Reason Trust your instincts
Feelings of Leia betray Luke
Feelings for Han cause Luke to lose hand
Han's Feelings for Luke and Leia cause him to be hero

Truth vs. Deception Ben: Your father died
Dooku: Council in charge by evil
Lando: Make a deal w/ Vader
Han spy in shuttle
Leia and Alderaan *is* the rebel base, not Dantooine

Alter identity

Old Ben vs Kenobi
Vader vs. Anakin
Leia vs. Boush
Padme vs. Queen
Crazy muppet vs. Yoda
Vader vs. Anakin


Millenium Falcon
Queen vs handmaid
Chewie= Strong
White clothes= good guy
Black clothes = bad guy


Naboo vs Gungadins
Han vs. Chewbacca
R2 vs 3PO

Modern vs. Tradition

Saber vs. Blaster
Old Republic vs. Empire
Innovation vs. Stagnation

X-wing vs. Death Star
Anakin vs Trade Federation
Jawas vs. Sandpeople

Choice vs. Duty

Anakin in chopper
Luke on Dagobah vs. Bespin


Artoo Death Star Plans
Death Star
Artoo/Targeting computer Death Star
Droids= good OT, Droids = warriors NT
Taun Tauns vs speeders
Ewoks vs. Empire


Uncle Own/Aunt Beru die
Luke Leia bond
Luke Anakin bond

Government vs. individuals

Emperor= corrupt
Committee- inefficient


Lose limb= lose honor
Han lose sight= Paul conversion
Tatooine- desert=John the Baptist
Hoth= Hell
Dagobah= Life
eyes can deceive you
father's lightsaber